If you are looking for a safe place to connect, learn, grow and evolve in

your relationship with your body....

you're in the right place!

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I interviewed over 100 women asking, "what is the biggest struggle that is holding you back from loving your body?"


Can you relate to their responses below?  


They said they felt like life is constantly happening TO them and their bodies carry the weight of outside forces, rather than feeling connected, embodied, and whole.  They also felt isolated and a sense of missing true connection with friends and loved ones, mainly due to the pandemic, but also because making friends as an adult with endless responsibilities is hard. 


This was by far the most common answer.  More than 40% of the women interviewed reported a feeling of not recognizing their (changing, aging, growing, injured...etc.) bodies.  It's not the body they see as "them" and they feel like the body they have right now is letting them down in some way.




They feel uninspired, unmotivated, and stagnant.  After once having a zest for life, they now feel like their life revolves around taking care of others and they don’t know how to prioritize what brings them true joy.  They’re unsure of their calling or too scared to follow it.


So many of these women want to love and accept their bodies and themselves, but they just aren't sure where to start.  They have tried other programs to balance their lives, but have never found anything that really sticks and helps them find a real, deep sense of Self Love.  They may have tried therapy or didn’t think they needed to, but they understand that mental health issues are incredibly common, especially now, so it’s important to address these issues in ourselves. 


if you can relate to any of these responses...


The real journey to true self-love was never meant to be walked alone....


Kula is a Sanskrit word that can be translated as “community,” “clan” or “tribe.” The term is used within yoga to highlight the sense of community that is developed by those who come together to practice. In likening the yoga community to family, the term Kula denotes the inclusivity and sense of belonging that is often cultivated through yoga.



This club allows you to be a part of

something bigger than yourself.


You will find the joy in working with others to reach a common goal, with permission to be vulnerable and

navigate challenges together.


Body Confidence is forever and

we can build it better, together.


You belong here.





Hi I'm Jessica, and I'm here to help you love your whole Self.

I have spent years trying to really learn what it means to love my body and myself.


It wasn't until I hit a personal rock bottom before I realized that the way I was living wasn't working and I wanted something more not just for me, but for future generations of women.  I understood that the quest to love ourselves is really a quest to connect to something bigger.  I see consumers trying to buy it.  I see corporations trying to sell it.  I see humans giving it and taking it and deciding who's worthy of it.  


At the end of the day, I believe that pure and true Love comes from one source- the Divine (aka God, Mother, The Universe, Spirit, Source).   When we connect to that source within us, we can really understand that self love isn’t just a feeling, it’s a soulful embodiment.  We are all Love.  Yoga is the union or "yoke" of our bodies and minds with that Love. It’s so much more than just stretching and doing poses, it's a lifestyle.


I created this club as a safe and sacred place to allow this connection with Love to grow.  I have learned through my group coaching and yoga programs that the best way for women to learn about themselves is through engaging with each other.  Hearing and sharing stories, struggles, ideas, and encouragement with other women opens us up, gives us new perspectives, and reminds us that we’re not alone.  The community keeps us coming back to the place where compassion lives in each of us.   We all need a place to belong and connect.  Our ancestors held many sacred ceremonies sitting in a circle and sharing.  The impact of this practice and the wisdom it provides is immeasurable.  I believe my cosmic duty is to create a container and offer support for healing to flourish.




Founded by Jessica Van Valkenburgh, of Brazenly Beautiful,

this community encourages members to explore the beautiful benefits of a yogic lifestyle for

complete mind, body and spiritual healing.


We have come together to break the painful cycles of negative body image, which are considered normal in our society.  To be advocates for all women to love and accept their bodies and their whole Selves.  To inspire a different approach to self-love, beginning at home in our bodies, hearts, minds, and souls.  To expose the powerful connection between movement, breath, mindfulness and feelings for healing.  

We are a sisterhood of women who are tired of struggling with our relationship to our bodies and are ready to create a more soulful, tenderhearted and sacred presence. By bonding through shared stories and experiences, we remember and discover our soul's purpose, and ease suffering in ourselves

and ultimately the world. 


We recognize, honor and respect the light inside of each one of us

and encourage our members to simply show up and allow it to shine.


Here's what's included:


Join me LIVE online for a 75 min Yoga Asana practice every month.  This class is created for all shapes, sizes, and ability levels.  Variations will be given to accommodate everyone.  We will also have a Monthly Soul Circle, to explore our monthly theme of "yoga off the mat" through breathwork, meditation, and group sharing.


Here's what's included each week to keep you engaged and inspired.  

Sunday- #bodytalklive show will be posted.

Monday- A poll or question to get you thinking.

Tuesday- Bi-weekly group coaching office hours 2-3:15pm EST.

Wednesday- Meet the Kula member profile.

Thursday- Post your Give/ Ask.  What can you give the group?  What do you need?

Friday- Share Your Weekly Wins.

Saturday- Show us your Brazen!- Get out and have fun, show us how you take up space in the world.


This membership is filled with content to help you

learn, grow and share

in this journey to true self-Love. 


You can connect to other members who live near you or share similar interests.  You can customize your feed with your areas of interest or value, so you can feel safe to scroll.  Stay in touch with friends who are taking the same classes or programs you are.   Watch recordings of past classes, videos, and workshops while having access to tools and assets.  Utilize the chat for one-on-one or group conversations.

I want you to know,

You are worthy of love and connection, not just from others, but from yourself.


Yoga teaches us the way.

The benefits are endless.  This club gets more valuable with

each person who joins and contributes.  


We need your wisdom...


The Brazenly Beautiful 

Self-Love Club

A place for women to connect while exploring what

it means to

truly know and love their bodies.




Here's everything included in the monthly membership:


Yoga Asana

Join me LIVE online for a 75 min Yoga Asana practice every month.  This class is created for all shapes, sizes and ability levels.  Variations will be given to accommodate everyone.  We will explore the monthly theme of "Yoga off the mat", through breathwork, meditation, group sharing and gentle yoga flow.


Soul Circles

Each month we will explore a theme of "yoga off the mat", in this is a ritual ceremony that takes place live online.  The ceremony includes a lesson with resources for further study, a playlist and the opportunity to share personal stories and experiences, for healing.




Bi- Weekly 

Office Hours

Have an problem or issue with your body that just doesn't seem to go away?  Join me for bi-weekly office hours where you can ask questions and get personal and group coaching, as time allows.  All members are welcome.






Learning is an important part of our self-study.  Take advantage of the video library of workshops from the past.  New workshops will be added monthly as well.  Assets, workbooks and downloads are included.       





Tribes are private groups reserved for students in either Chair Yoga or The Building Body Confidence Program.  This tribe allows you stay in contact with other members of the program.  To catch up on missed classes and recordings and enjoy all of the amazing benefits of the Self-Love Club for free.

Topic Feeds

Tired of being caught off guard by harmful or triggering material?  You can customize your feed so that you only see posts on topics you are interested in.  We will add new topics every month and create organic and authentic conversations around them.



and most importantly a chance to connect with real women,

who are on the same journey as you are.

Month to Month Membership

You can cancel at anytime.

This membership is month to month.  You will be charged on the same day each month for membership,

unless you cancel.  


Cancelling is easy and hassle free.  




We bring together women who are tired of struggling with their bodies and are ready to connect, learn and share experiences with others on the same path.

Monthly Yoga Asana. . . . . (Value $100)
Monthly Soul Circles . .  . . (Value $100)
Bi-Monthly Office Hours . (Value $200)
Pre-recorded Workshops. .. (Value $150)

Shared Experiences ................ (Priceless)
New Ideas and Inspiration.... (Priceless)
Safe and Easy Connection ....(Priceless)
Access to all recordings ..........(Priceless)

Total Value = $550 + / month

TODAY'S PRICE = $17 monthly

To build practices and habits that uplift us is nearly impossible to do on our own.


I'm already enrolled in Chair Yoga or Building Body Confidence.  Do I need to pay for this too?

Congratulations!  You have committed to even more on-going practice in your journey.  While you are enrolled in the program, your access to the Self- Love Club is included in the cost of your program/series.  Once you complete your program or series, you will have the option to continue in the Self-Love Club with the $17/month subscription.

How much of my time do I need to devote to this?

It's a lot of work to build a community and people are busy and don't always want to try new things.  I get it.  But here's the thing, if you really want this community... we want you.  You belong here, period.  Over the past decade of coaching, teaching, and working with women, I have learned that we benefit from the wisdom of each other.  How much or how little you contribute is totally up to you, but this will be a safe and friendly place for you to share your story, engage in this personal evolution, and remember who you really are.

How is this different than a free Facebook group?

I'm just going to come right out and say it.  Facebook isn't safe.  Between unpredictable algorithms, trolls, lack of moderation, ads, and overwhelm it's lacking when it comes to true connection.  While we can never fully guarantee that you won't be upset by something someone shares, this club is designed for women who want to empower other women.  This is a sisterhood of like-minded souls who want to experience the richness of each other’s wisdom.  The monthly investment ensures that people are here because they want to be, because they have made the decision that it's important to them, and because they are committed to doing this work.  We run things a little different around here too, offering thought-provoking prompts, polls, and questions to keep you engaged and allow you to get to know your Self and other members.  We also feature and highlight our members, lifting them up and helping them shine.  We strive for equity, opportunity, and safety for all members therefore, no hate speech, bullying, racism or discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.  This is a high vibe atmosphere for positivity, support, and growth.   

What if I can't do the yoga?

Jessica strives to make all classes accessible to all ability levels, shapes, and sizes.  You are encouraged to honor and become more in-tuned with your body by understanding and knowing your limits.  Modifications and variations will be given during class.  Feel free to always make the practice your own by doing what feels right for you in the moment.

Do I have to be live for yoga and the soul circles?

We have found that intention is everything!  Live classes help to keep you on track and accountable in your practice.   All classes will be recorded and members will have access to watch them later.  If you want to participate in group sharing/coaching we recommend that you attend live, but it's not necessary to get the benefits of these monthly practices.

Come be a part of something truly different,

designed by Love,

and created just for you.